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What is High5Wizard?

High5Wizard is a fun, interactive study tool that is designed to help you maximize your potential when preparing for Advanced Placement® exams. Inspired by students and designed with students in mind, we provide you with thousands of sample questions, including:

  • Stimulus-based multiple choice
  • vocabulary
  • thematic review
  • chronological order tasks
  • matching
  • short answer questions and sample responses
  • long essay questions and sample responses
  • document based questions with examples and sample essays

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About Curt

I’m Curt Lewis and I am proud to announce the launch of our first app for AP® US History. I have taught AP® US History for over 20 years and have been a reader/grader for the AP® exam for the last 7. My students have consistently outscored the national average for AP® US History and this knowledge is embodied in this app.

High5Wizard, LLC is combat veteran owned and operated.

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