Advanced Placement High 5 Wizard Study Tool Application
The only all-in-one app for college and AP courses, designed for year-round use.

Why is this app so cool?


We have created leaderboards, points, trophies and other ways for you to be as excited as you can preparing for the AP exam or even review for chapter, unit or end of course exams.


Analytics for you to track how much time you are spending on the app, which questions you missed and a queue to repeat missed questions.
Make sure to use the missed question cache to reinforce what you missed.


Content created for you to learn. Created by teachers and content area experts. Our AP questions are written in alignment with the AP Course Description for each content area. The goal is to enhance your knowledge of each testable area for the exam or unit tests throughout the school year. When used, especially using the explanations for SBMC questions, it provides a powerful resource. The questions DO NOT necessarily mirror the style of the questions ETS writes for the exams, however the reason for this is to help you also nail the FRQ's that make up approximately 50-60% of each exam. The success of this method has been verified by teachers, but especially students.


Clean and crystal clear graphics!


Everything is at your fingertips. Why pay for multiple courses?

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TheWebAppMarket Verdict–Review from EdTech

High5Wizard is indeed the best free educational app for students and teachers, majorly because of the methods of teaching implemented throughout the app.

Based on how simple the user interface appears, students can easily navigate and understand all the apps functions without being very tech-savvy.

Everyone loves a reward system, and High5Wizard has made learning fun by integrating games that make it possible to get rewards and earn badges.

The student course review can be done effortlessly because there are ten necessary subjects for College Exams or Advanced Placement Tests. Students can improve their knowledge and increase their chances of achieving high scores in any exams.

High5Wizard is also the best app for teachers because when a student adds their teacher’s code, the teacher can use the application to monitor students’ progress to identify where they need assistance.

Studies have shown that about 38.9% of high school students take AP exams in the US. Hence, many schools have prioritized preparing valuable study guides for high school students who plan to do well in college or advanced placement tests.

Aside from what is being taught within the four walls of a high school, students can improve their chances of scoring three or higher by utilizing a simple study app.

Advanced placement tests also allow students to tackle college-level work while still in high school. This way, students can acquire college credit and career or job placement all at once.

One excellent study app for students and teachers is known as High5Wizard. This free educational application is a fun and interactive online learning tool specially designed to help students maximize their potential when preparing for the College or Advanced Placement® exams.

High5Wizard provides students with course reviews for college and advanced placement courses. Therefore, teachers can integrate this free educational app into their curriculum to give students a new learning experience guaranteed to succeed.